Steve's Recordings
Momentum (with Paul Oorts)

Steve's newest release, Momentum, is an ear-opening adventure with Paul Oorts, a master of the guitar, mandolin, and bouzouki. This jubilant recording brings the dulcimer into new musical territory. From Brazil to Bach, from Chopin to Joplin, Momentum's diverse sources are rich in variation. Over 45 minutes of amazing South American melodies, timeless Beatles, Bach, and Chopin (not all at once), some classic American stuff, and some improbable European tunes (a French musette tune with Chinese influences?!). Features hammered dulcimer, guitar, violin, cello, bass, flute, and percussion. (1997)

"Momentum, a stunning new release, currently tops my list of albums that every discriminating shopper must own. Hearing either one of these two[Steve & Paul] alone is a treat; hearing them together is about as good as it gets....they don't just play the tunes, they make them their own."—Dulcimer Players News

"Steve Schneider displays uncanny technical skill and innovation balanced by a dedicated focus on musicality. Steve is superbly complemented by the versatile and telepathic Paul Oorts."—Ken Kolodner (Helicon)

"What a great diversity of styles he is at home with! He plays with such ease and a relaxed musical feeling...well done and a really great listen!"— Maggie Sansone, Owner, Maggie's Music

"It's nice to see the duo of Steve Schneider and Paul Oorts...get beyond the stilted traditional/O'Carolan repertoire that seems to constitute most hammer dulcimer recordings. An impressive and interesting range of sounds....won me over. Certainly a recording any fan of hammer dulcimer music will love." —Dirty Linen Magazine


  • Sounds of Bells
  • Badinerie
  • Nola
  • Forgotten Dreams
  • La Partida
  • Adeus
  • Eleanor Rigby
  • Lovely Mary
  • Valse Brillante
  • The Cascades
  • Valse Chinoise
  • Woodworm (Bicho Carpinteiro)

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